Glenmont Forest Green Streets - Construction


Construction and the planning for it is a fundamental and challenging activity. Ensuring a project is completed on time and within budget takes significant organizational and project management skills. Coordinating multiple stages or phases, a definition of work tasks, determination of resources, a defined schedule, and use of subcontractors are among the many factors that go into the critical task of developing a construction plan.

Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection has many years of construction project management experience and hundreds of successful projects installed for improved water quality over the years. It is important to keep in mind that a construction schedule can vary due to many factors such as weather, equipment delays or other factors, but DEP will make every attempt to provide residents with an accurate schedule. One key component of a successful construction project is engaging the public and ensuring active communication takes place throughout the process.


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What you can expect

Before construction begins and through the life of the project, communication with the community will be a priority.


Safety for residents, workers, and visitors is our top priority. Please help us maintain a safe work environment and prevent construction delays by avoiding areas with construction fencing and No Parking signs. The County will follow all COVID-19 precautions that remain in place at the time of construction. DEP staff will be available to answer any of your questions or concerns (see Communication below).

Construction Schedule

Before the start of construction, DEP will post the estimated schedule of construction locations on the project website with approximately a one-month look-ahead. We will also make this information available for distribution on community email lists. Construction locations will be grouped geographically when possible and project signage will be provided. We will post No Parking signs at specific construction locations a week before any construction activity begins. After each location is stabilized, the No Parking sign will be removed.

construction hoursConstruction Hours

The standard construction hours are Monday through Friday, 7:00 am to 4:00 pm. Occasionally, with DEP authorization, the contractor may work outside of these hours, or on the weekend. (One potential example of an extension to the workday is the delayed arrival of a concrete truck.) The contractor must comply with the Montgomery County Noise Law.

Construction Duration – Overall Project

Construction is anticipated to begin in Spring 2021 and last until Summer 2022 (approximately 15 months), progressing from one area to the next during this time. The entire neighborhood will not be experiencing construction at the same time. DEP will notify the public prior to the start of construction.

construction durationConstruction Duration – Specific Areas

At any given location, construction activity may last for several weeks, from when site preparation begins until construction is complete and the area is stabilized with vegetation. The duration of construction depends on the size and type of green street project (tree box, rain garden, or bioretention), as well as factors such as trees and utilities. To help ensure plant survival, areas that are completed outside of the spring and fall planting seasons will be stabilized, and will be planted during the following spring or fall planting season.


Minor impacts to traffic from construction activity may occur during the day. The contractor will provide signage and other traffic control measures as appropriate, and as required by the Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services.


During construction, DEP’s Construction Representative and Watershed Planner will be accessible and ready to answer residents’ questions.


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