Glenmont Forest Green Streets - Maintenance


A key factor for anything to function properly is to have regular maintenance, just like your car. These structures are no different, especially the plants, mulch and soil. Regular maintenance is needed to ensure the projects are healthy, functioning properly and getting the job done to keep our water clean.

The County’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is responsible for maintaining Green Street projects. While residents can help by informing DEP about any issues with a project, DEP has sole responsibility for maintaining all green streets structures and we have a team in place to do just that.

DEP will monitor and visit the projects every 6-7 weeks (about 10 times per year) to make sure they are functioning properly. The first two years are the most important when establishing the plants. The plants installed in the projects are under warranty, and DEP will ensure they thrive during this critical time period, if they are not, they will need to be replaced. The plants will start out small at first but after the first year you will see the garden take shape and become a stormwater filtering machine.


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During regular visits you may see DEP’s maintenance team:

  • Ensure plants are healthy by removing dead, diseased, or dying plants
  • Replace plants as needed
  • Replenish mulch
  • Remove weeds
  • Remove sediment, trash and leaves that may accumulate.
  • Edge around the project
  • Water plants, as needed
  • Prune plants, as needed

Contact DEP if you have any questions or concerns about the projects in your neighborhood by either calling 311 or filling out the form below.

If you need tips on how you can help keep these projects thriving and looking their best, please visit What You Can Do.

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