Restoration Monitoring


Montgomery County's Department of Environmental Protection protects and enhances aquatic ecosystems through stormwater management and stream restoration. The County is committed to its natural resources and complying with the County's National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Municipal Separate Storm Sewer (MS4) Permit.

Monitoring the success and/or failures of the various restoration projects is crucial in determining how future projects will be designed and built to ensure a positive impact on the aquatic ecosystem.

DEP conducts monitoring beyond the baseline requirements set forth by the regulatory agencies to ensure all the goals of the projects are met. Various techniques are used to determine whether a restoration project is successful, partially successful, or did not meet the restoration goals.


Introduction to Monitoring Report to view (537KB.) PDF


Patuxent River/Rocky Gorge Dam/Hawlings River

Potomac River/Rock Creek/Upper Rock Creek

Lower Rock Creek

Potomac River Direct/Little Falls

Anacostia River/Paint Branch

Patuxent River/Rocky Gorge Dam/Hawlings River

Potomac River/Anacostia River/Little Paint Branch 

Northwest Branch

Paint Branch

Cabin John Creek

Potomac Direct/Little Falls

Rock Creek/Lower Rock Creek

Upper Rock Creek

Turkey Branch