Stormwater Facility Major Projects


The Stormwater Facility Maintenance Program (SWFMP) oversees the maintenance and repair of all stormwater management facilities throughout Montgomery County. In addition to routine maintenance and repair projects, the County regulations allow Water Quality Protection Charge (WQPC) funds to be used for Major Stormwater Maintenance Projects. These funds are used primarily for stormwater facilities that Montgomery County has assumed maintenance responsibility for.

The Department of Environmental Protection is responsible for the Stormwater Facility Maintenance Program.


What is a Major Stormwater Maintenance Project?

Major Stormwater Maintenance Projects include:

  • Repair or modification of structural components of a stormwater pond, like the dam embankment, the control structure or the outlet pipe

  • Removing the large accumulation of sediment from a stormwater pond (also known as dredging)

Repairing and improving stormwater management ponds ensures the facilities capture and treat volumes of rainfall runoff generated by impervious surfaces, such as parking lots, roads, and rooftops. When possible the Major Stormwater Maintenance Project will retrofit the existing design of the stormwater facility to improve its stormwater treatment.

Chadswood constructionChadswood Construction (One of the completed projects)

The Major Projects