Stormwater Regulation & the County's Efforts


For most urban areas like Montgomery County, what goes into our storm drains ( stormwater) makes its way into our local streams. Those streams are part of larger watersheds that lead to major rivers, like the Potomac River, and eventually the Chesapeake Bay. Because our waters are interconnected and not defined by county or state lines, the federal government regulates everything that goes through storm drain systems. 

The federal government hs dedicated its authority to regulate storm drains to the state of Maryland which implements this regulation through a permit process called the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Permit Program (AKA the MS4 Permit Program).

Montgomery County has an MS4 Permit that requires the County to meet certain water quality standards. The Permit was reissued on November 5, 2021 and has a term of five (5) years.