Service Area Category Changes


Water and sewer service area categories established in the County’s Water and Sewer Plan serve in part to designate where the County has planned either for public water or sewer service or for private wells and septic systems. 

A property owner will file a request with DEP to change a property’s service area categories most often in order to allow for public water or sewer service for a property currently planned to use onsite wells and septic systems. DEP receives category change requests from a variety of applicants, including: owners of properties looking for service for an existing house, development interests planning multiple-lot subdivisions, and places of worship planning to relocate to a larger site. 

This page has instructions for filing a category change request application with DEP.  All category change request applications proceed through an intake, review, and decision process, as explained below. 


The Status Change Process

Application & Instructions

To apply to change an existing service area category for a particular property, follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the  Water/Sewer Category Change Request Form (.doc, 303KB). You may find that your County property tax bill and the  Maryland Real Property database is useful for finding the information you'll need to complete the form.  Click for instructions and information about the application (.doc, 162KB).
    Please note new Private Institutional Facility (PIF) Policy requirements.   Applicants for a PIF user must first provide a concept plan for the project to M-NCPPC for consideration by the County’s Development Review Committee (DRC).  Please refer to page 3 of the instructions document for more information.

  2. Calculate the fee from the information and instructions packet (see the last link under step 1).

  3. Take your payment and two (2) copies of the  application fee receipt (.doc, 104KB) in person to the Treasury Department at 255 Rockville Pike, Suite L-15, Rockville, MD 20850 (the same building as the Department of Environmental Protection). Hours: 8:00-4:30 Monday-Friday.   Be sure to get your copy of the application fee receipt stamped to show that the Treasury Department received your payment .

  4. Take the stamped receipt and the application upstairs to the DEP office.



Types of Processes


Schedule and Completed Actions