Private Well & Septic Service


Onsite Systems

When your property uses a well for drinking water supply and a septic system for wastewater disposal, you essentially become your own sanitary utility. You own and operate the facilities, maintain them, and must replace them when necessary. We use the term “onsite systems” to refer to private water supply wells and private septic systems collectively. The State of Maryland also refers to these as "individual systems".

Your water supply system is the well drilled into ground beneath your yard. The well taps into and collects the groundwater in the rock strata under your property, which you then pump out for your use.  Your wastewater disposal system is the septic system buried elsewhere under your yard. The septic system treats wastewater that flows from your home or business and disperses partially treated effluent into the ground for final treatment as it percolates through the soil. 

The ability of these private systems to provide fresh water and dispose of sewage depends on the soil and rock conditions under your property and on how well you maintain and operate the systems.



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