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Office of Energy and SustainabilitySuperior government service with the smallest possible environmental footprint

To celebrate Earth Month this April, we’re highlighting several projects with impressive environmental benefits, including solar on County properties, green buildings, and energy efficient lighting retrofits.

Greening County Government All Year

Earth Day is every day in Montgomery County’s Department of General Services. Whether we’re designing and constructing green buildings, replacing outdated lighting with energy efficient LED lights, installing solar energy systems on County facilities, increasing the fuel efficiency of buses and other fleet vehicles, reducing paper use with smart printers and paperless processing, or using eco-friendly cleaning products, we ensure the County operations are as sustainable as possible.

Energy Efficient Lighting

LED lights use 75% less power than incandescent bulbs, product very little heat, and last significantly longer than less efficient bulbs. Replacing less efficient lights in County buildings with LEDs saves energy and money, while also making buildings brighter.

Watch the video to learn how LED lights improve working conditions and save energy at the Brookville Maintenance Facility – a bus maintenance operation that runs 24 hours a day throughout the year. The lights save the County $32,000 a year on electric bills and reducing greenhouse gas emissions as much as planting 4,700 trees.

Green roof

Montgomery County installed highly efficient LED lights at the AFI Silver Theater and Blackbox Theater in Silver Spring earlier this year. The lights are expected to save nearly $50,000 a year in electricity costs and to reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions as much as planting 7,250 trees.


Montgomery County is saving energy and money while reducing environmental impacts of buildings and operations by installing solar at libraries, recreation centers, and other facilities. By the end of 2018, the County plans to have enough solar in place to power the equivalent of 1,100 single family homes, reducing greenhouse gas emissions as much as planting 200,000 trees. Watch the video to learn more about solar canopies at Holiday Park Senior Center and how their benefits extend far beyond conserving resources.

Green Buildings

Montgomery County designs new buildings to achieve a minimum Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver certification, with most buildings achieving a LEED Gold rating. The new Wheaton Library and Recreation Center, currently under construction, will include a vegetative roof for stormwater management, potential for solar panels, a compact building footprint, energy efficient mechanical and lighting systems, daylight harvesting, and regional and recycled materials. Demolition of the old Wheaton Library and other buildings on the site included construction material harvesting to divert waste from landfills. On average, the County keeps 83% of its construction waste out of landfills. More about Montgomery County’s green buildings…

Paper Waste Reduction

Montgomery County’s state of the art print management system defaults to double-sized, black and white printing and give employees the opportunity to delete unwanted print jobs. In addition, departments across the County are transitioning to paperless processing. Last year, these changes saved 5.6 million sheets of paper. More about Montgomery County’s waste reduction efforts…

Earth Month Events

Help celebrate Earth Month in Montgomery County. There is something to do each week in April to celebrate Earth Month. View the County’s calendar to find events near you and to learn more about how you can celebrate and protect the Earth throughout the year. Be sure to join us at Greenfest on Saturday, May 6 for music, kids activities, workshops, and more.

Green Government Year in Review

Interested in learning more about how Montgomery County government celebrates Earth Day throughout the year? Montgomery County’s FY2016 Sustainable Government Operations Report is a great way to learn about all of the County’s green government initiatives. The report includes engaging text, riveting photographs, and informative infographics.

Thank you to all of the divisions and individuals with the Department of General Services for your commitment to greening County government. The projects described on this page would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the Division of Building Design and Construction, Division of Central Services, Division of Facilities Management, Division of Fleet Management Services, and Office of Energy and Sustainability.

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