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   Montgomery County Department of Transportation
   Division of Highway Services  



This project provides for the permanent patching and resurfacing of residential roadways, using durable hot mix asphalt (HMA) or micro seal resurfacing to restore long term structural integrity to the aging residential infrastructure.

Please note: Paving, Resurfacing and Patching programs are seasonal activities, suspended from November to April.

For a look at our Proposed Fiscal Year 2016 - 2017 Resurfacing Schedule, CLICK HERE

2014 CONSTRUCTION SEASON:  Update 7/14/2014


Click on any linked Neighborhood or Location name to read or download a Project Newsletter describing the scope of the project.
Check back periodically as projects get added or scheduled. This schedule may be changed and substitutions may be made at any time due to weather and/or operational reasons.

Roadway/Subdivision Scope of Project Estimated Start Date Project Status Notes
Avery Village HMA Summer/Fall 2014    
Bready Road HMA Summer/Fall 2014    
Briars Acres HMA April 2014 50%  
Brookedale Permanent Patching May 2014 100%  
Carderock Permanent Patching July 2014    
Chapel Road HMA April 2014 90%  
Connecticut Avenue Estates Phase III HMA July 2014    
Derwood Station Permanent Patching FY 2017   Rescheduled to FY 17
Dun Horse Lane HMA Summer/Fall 2014    
Fairland Heights/Estates HMA June 2014 60%  
Fawsett Farms Microsurfacing Summer/Fall 2014    
Fellowship Lane HMA Summer/Fall 2014    
Fox Hills West Permanent Patching TBD    
Franklin Knolls Rehab June 2014 100%  
Ganley Road HMA April 2014 100%  
Goshen Estates Microsurfacing June 2014    
North Goshen Estates HMA Summer/Fall 2014    
Granby Woods Microdurfacing Summer/Fall 2014    
Gum Springs Farm Microsurfacing August 2014    
Gunners View/Gunners Lake HMA April 2014 55%  
Hillandale (East of New Hampshire Avenue) HMA Spring 2015    
Hillandale Heights Permanent Patching July 2014    
Indian Spring Village Permanent Patching July 2014 100%  
Kings Valley Manor Microsurfacing July 2014    
Northwest Park Permanent Patching June 2014 5%  
Northwood Park HMA FY 2016   Rescheduled to FY 16
Oak Hill Road HMA June 2014    
Oakview Microsurfacing FY 2016   Rescheduled to FY 16
Olney Mill Phase III Permanent Patching August 2014    
Olney Mill Phase IV Permanent Patching August 2014    
Rivers Edge Microsurfacing Summer/Fall 2014    
Rock Creek Manor Permanent Patching June 2014 5%  
Sandy Spring Meadows HMA Summer/Fall 2014    
Scott Drive HMA Summer/Fall 2014    
Silver Brook Drive HMA April 2014 90%  
Sligo Park Hills Rehab April 2014 45%  
Stonecrest/Snowdens Mills Microsurfacing Summer/Fall 2014    
Stratton Woods Permanent Patching August 2014 5%  
Sycamore Acres Microsurfacing August 2014 5%  
Talley Lane & Talley Court HMA April 2014 100%  
Waters Landing Permanent Patching FY 2016   Rescheduled to FY 16
West Chevy Chase Rehab May 2014 10%  
Westlake Terrace - From Westlake Drive to Cul-de-sac Permanent Patching Summer/Fall 2014    
Wexford Microsurfacing Summer/Fall 2014    
Wilderness Walk Microsurfacing June 2014    
Wyngate HMA June 2014    

Click on the underlined links below for more information and to view respective project schedules.

 HMA Residential Hot Mix Asphalt Paving
 Permanent Patching  Full-Depth Permanent Patching
 Rehab  Roadway Rehabilitation
 Microsurfacing  Micro Resurfacing




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