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Looking for that Perfect  Christmas Tree?
Why Not Choose Locally Grown!


Can you believe the holiday season is right around the corner?  Soon many people will start putting up there Christmas trees. Here are some helpful tips and things to consider when purchasing a Christmas tree. You often hear "Buy Fresh, Buy Local" and that not only goes for fruits and vegetables, but also Christmas trees. There are many advantages to buying a locally grown Christmas tree instead of an artificial tree or a live tree grown in another state. While buying a local tree helps to support the local agriculture, there are also many other benefits to buying a local Christmas tree.

Buying a locally grown Christmas tree guarantees its freshness. From the standpoint of freshness, locally grown trees have a distinct advantage as they are chosen and cut from the farm nearby. In contrast, many of the trees you purchase at grocery stores or other retail outlets --- typically firs, spruces and scotch pines were grown in another state and were likely cut weeks earlier which means these trees will likely be shedding their needles in your living room.  You will also be creating priceless memories for your family by buying local as your explore and find that perfect specimen that will showcase all the colorful lights and special ornaments that help to celebrate the holiday season.

Please find below a link to the Maryland Christmas Tree Association for locations both within and outside Montgomery County where you can plan a family outing to select that perfect tree for your holiday celebration.



Buy Local Challenge Support Local Agriculture:

Now available online!  From My Backyard to Our Bay

A Howard and Montgomery County Resident's Guide to Improving Our Environment and Our Drinking Water...(  read more )


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Topics of Interest:

Attention Fruit and Vegetable Producers! Are you looking for a wholesale buyer for your produce? Download our list of  Regional Wholesale Produce Buyers (92 kb/PDF).

Looking for a reliable source of fresh, local fruits and vegetables for the next growing season? Join one of Montgomery County's  Community-Supported Agricultural Operations (CSAs). Hurry, subscriptions are limited and fill up fast!

Deer Management - Find out how the Division is supporting County deer management efforts.

Farmland Preservation - Learn how to preserve your farm for future generations.

Publications - Download pamphlets, the Montgomery County Horse Study, the Montgomery County Farm Directory and other agricultural publications.

Ag Facts - Download fact sheets, or access information about agricultural use assessments as well as State and County Agricultural Transfer Taxes

New Farmer Project - Information regarding the New Farmer Project

The Office of Agriculture

  •  was created to support and promote the viability of the agricultural industry in Montgomery County. Agricultural activities occupy about one-third of Montgomery County's land area and the County's diverse agricultural industry - 540 farms and 350 horticultural enterprises - produces more than $287 million in economic contribution and employs more than 10,000 residents.  
  • works to increase the public's awareness of the value and economic impact of agriculture. In order to preserve working farmland, the Division works closely with farmers in the County's  Agricultural Reserve. More than half of the County's 93,000 acres of viable farmland is now preserved through  transfer of development rights or  easement purchase intiatives. Two years before its 2010 goal, the County achieved its farmland preservation goal to protect 70,000 acres of farmland.

The majority of Montgomery County farms are family-run operations, many reaching back several generations, and these farms are state-of-the-art agricultural operations, contributing to the County's incredibly strong economy. Preserving farmland as a resource ensures that Montgomery County will have agricultural production capabilities in the future.


Our office  cooperates with the following departments, agencies and nonprofit organizations:

Nonprofit and other cooperating organizations:
The Montgomery County Farm Bureau
The Montgomery County Food Council

The Montgomery County Food Council was established as an advisory board to develop a bold vision for a Sustainable Community Food System Initiatives for Montgomery County.  Officially launched in February 2012, its 19 current Council Members broadly represent the food system both substantively and geographically, and include chef restaurateurs, food entrepreneurs, and representatives of local government, non-profits, and business.

Montgomery Countryside Alliance

National Capital Farms

Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry


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