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Position Announcement



Information Technology Services Supervisor



The States Attorneys Office (SAO) is seeking an Information Technology (IT) Supervisor who will be responsible for supervising SAO IT Staff who are working on the IT projects and process needs of the SAO.  The IT Services Supervisor will report to the States Attorney.  There are four broad IT areas which fall under the responsibility of the IT Services Supervisor: 1) the JustWare case management system, including electronic discovery; 2) Courtroom support, including both electronic and physical displays; 3) desktop, laptop, and mobile computing systems maintenance, and; 4) other Office systems and processes, such as eJustice, CRIMS, METERS, and discovery duplication outside of the case management system.


The SAO uses the JustWare Prosecutor (JustWare) case management system.  There are the equivalent of 1.5 full-time employees who perform the daily support and upgrades to this system.  The IT Services Supervisor will supervise these employees and will be responsible for all facets of the maintenance and development of the system.  The Supervisor will be expected to design training curriculum and materials as well as implement training sessions for all SAO staff on use of the all new features of JustWare system, including the JusticeWeb electronic discovery component.  The SAO has a Discovery Compliance Unit which has the equivalent of four fulltime employees who provide discovery to defense attorneys.  Currently, this is done manually, however the IT Services Supervisor will be responsible for integration of this process in the JusticeWeb component of the JustWare Case Management System.  Integration will include not only supervision of the technical process but reallocating staff as necessary for new tasks.


Courtroom support is provided by two staff persons who will report to the IT Services Supervisor.  Management duties will include dividing staff responsibilities to cover all attorney requests in a timely manner and ensuring that the SAO has adequate and properly maintained equipment.


The SAO has about 140 employees.  The IT Services Supervisor will be responsible for ensuring that all employee computer equipment, both hardware and software is updated on a regular basis and is in good working order.  Employee equipment includes desktop computers, individual and network printers, tablets, and cell phones.  Currently there are no employees solely devoted to this work.  The IT Services Supervisor will need to ensure that other employees in the unit currently assigned to other duties, have sufficient training to handle these desktop maintenance tasks.


There are two employees in the office who maintain the SAO presence and perform data entry in several local, state, and national electronic systems.  The IT Services Supervisor will manage participation in these systems to ensure that the Office meets all obligations as required by local, state, and national regulations.


The IT Services Supervisor will be required to prepare budget requests for staffing and equipment needs.  The Office is transitioning many electronic systems and the Supervisor will be responsible for these transitions including the retraining, elimination, or addition of staff.  The Supervisor will be expected to do regular workload studies to monitor the demands placed on all staff in the unit.


The IT Services Supervisor will also serve as the liaison to all county and outside agencies that interact with the SAO regarding information technology related data and services.  These include police departments, state and local corrections, District and Circuit courts.  Because the SAO is within the County computer system, the IT Services Supervisor will be the primary contact with the Montgomery County Department of Technology Services (DTS) concerning all network and server related issues.


Applicants must have a solid working knowledge of criminal justice--police, SAO, courts, PLUS all of the county information systems---CJIS, IJIS, JJIS, CRIMS, and JustWare, PLUS have experience supervising projects to successful completion.  The IT Services Supervisor position is not an IT technical “task-doer” (although the individual MUST be willing to roll up his/her sleeves and perform many IT related tasks), rather a successful applicant will be someone with experience as a project manager. 


The IT Services Supervisor must be able to:










Salary Range:  $80,000 to $120,000

This is a contract position with potential to become a fulltime position.


Minimum Qualifications

Education:  Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor’s Degree.

Experience:  Five years professional experience demonstrating increasing responsibilities in technology services, project management, and supervisor duties.



Any interested persons should forward a resume and cover letter immediately to

Kathryn Swick at the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office, 50 Maryland Avenue, Rockville, Maryland, 20850 or