agfair scavenger hunt

What is this?

The AgFair Scavenger Hunt is a fun, free contest that lets you show off your awesome photography skills while earning a chance to win cool Prizes.

How do I play?

Participants will hunt for items during the 2019 Montgomery County Fair. A list of clues is provided. If you can solve the riddle, take a picture of the item and post to Twitter or Instagram. Be sure to tag/mention @MoCoFair and @CountyCableMoCo to get full credit for each post. Multiple pictures can be included in one post.

Ready to Play? Here are the clues?

Find a clue? Take a Pic! Post to Twitter or Instagram remember to include @countycablemoco and @mocoagfair

Hint: They gave him something to do, and he blew it. They hired him full time.
Hint: If you yell sooooooo wheeeeeeeeee, they might come running your way instead of to the finish line.Stang Plumbing.
Hint: Man's best friend is a dog.
Hint: they are cute, cuddly and faster than a turtle/tortoise!
Hint: It's too busy to be a letter.
Hint: You can find him in a "cool place" breaking things to reveal shiny insides.
Hint: A place where the you might want to say E-I-E-I-O
Hint: These signs teach ag education around the fair using words not hoots.
Take a picture of a Pepco, an Exelon Company, Community Stage Act
Sorry, no hint for this one, but if you get it right, you get a bonus towards winning!
Sorry, no hint for this one, but if you get it right, you get a bonus towards winning!
Sorry, no hint for this one, but if you get it right, you get a bonus towards winning!

Prizes!! Awarded at close of fair. Winners notified via direct message.

  • Grand Prize Amazon Gift Card - $75
  • First Prize Regal Cinemas Gift Card - $50
  • Second Prize Chili's Restaurant Group Gift Card - $40
    Maggianos | Chili's | Macaroni Grill | On the Border
  • Third Prize Starbucks Gift Card - $30
  • Instant Prize $5 Fair Bucks
    Good towards Fair food purchases | No cash value

Rules (Have to have them)

  1. The hunt begins with the first successful post on Twitter or Instagram that fulfills the requirements for posting.
  2. Each participant must capture an image of each scavenger hunt item listed and satisfactorily post on Twitter or Instagram to be eligible to win a prize. Successfully capturing and posting wild card images are not necessary to be eligible for a prize, but they give you a better chance of winning.
  3. All pictures must be taken at the 2019 Montgomery County Agricultural Fair. If the judges cannot verify that a photo was taken at the fair this year, it will not be accepted. Duplicate photos do not qualify for additional credit or for other accounts.
  4. Satisfactorily Posting on Twitter or Instagram – Each post on Twitter or Instagram must include the photo, a mention/tag of @MoCoFair and a mention/tag of @CountyCableMoCo. Posts without a photo and both mentions/tags will not qualify.
  5. Each participant must post to his or her own Twitter account. No combined efforts between two or more accounts will be accepted.
  6. Each participant that completes the hunt (no wild cards needed) has a chance to win the instant $5 prize in Fair bucks - good towards fair food purchases | No cash value
  7. A lottery style drawing will determine which qualified participant receives Grand, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place prizes. Entries will not be accepted after 7pm on Saturday August 17th.
  8. Wild Card posts increase chances to win!


  • Participants that satisfactorily post all of the scavenger hunt items become eligible for the prize drawings.
  • Participants that post the wild card items will have a greater chance of winning the overall drawing.
  • Winners will be announced August 23rd and notified via Twitter or Instagram direct message.
  • Winners will have until September 23rd to pick up their prizes. Each winner must verify their Twitter or Instagram account.

Posts from 2018!

Posts from 2018!

Posts from 2018!


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