How to Hold and Election

Proper annual elections are crucial to the authority of an association's board of directors.  When the validity of the board's election is in dispute, the validity of all its actions may be doubtful as well.  And some boards simply fail to call annual elections at all.

Members have filed complaints with the CCOC challenging the rejection of their proxy votes, the failure of the board to give proper advance notice of elections, and of resolutions adopted at the annual meetings that change the size of the board and the number of positions up for election.

All association governing documents contain procedures for calling and holding annual elections of their boards.  These procedures can seem difficult to understand.  In order to help members through the process, the CCOC has developed this election package of sample forms and checklists.  The package is designed to be used with, and not as a substitute for, the procedures contained in the association's own governing documents.

For a general review of the election process, please read our online Manual and Resource Guide.

NOTE:  To view  these documents, you MUST Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 7 or later) installed on your system.  If necessary, you may download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader here.

  1. Cover Letter "How to Hold an Annual Election"
  2. Checklist - Annual Meetings and Elections
  3. Call for Nominations (Form 1)
  4. Application for Board of Directors (Form 2)
  5. Checklist for Annual Meeting Documents (Form 3)
  6. Notice of Annual Meeting and Election (Form 4)
  7. Agenda (Form 5)
  8. Official Proxy/Ballot (Form 6)
  9. Ballot (Form 7)
  10. Notice of 2nd Meeting (Form 8).