Moderately Priced Dwelling Unit (MPDU) Program


Frequently asked questions

  1. How to Apply to the MPDU Rental Program, List of MPDU Rental Apartments

  2. How to Apply to the MPDU Sales Program

    1. MPDU Homeownership Program – Description
    2. Program Rules
    3. Who Is Eligible?
    4. How to Apply
    5. Sign Up for MPDU Required Classes
    6. List of HOC Participating Mortgage Lenders
  3. For Approved MPDU Sales Program Certificate Holders

    1. Random Selection Drawings  (formerly known as the Lottery process)
    2. View MPDUs for Sale
    3. List of HOC Participating Mortgage Lenders
    4. How to Renew Your Certificate or Re-Apply to the MPDU Program
    5. How to Update Information about Your Certificate
    6. View Current Information about Your Certificate
  4. For MPDU Owners

    1. Program Rules
    2. Resale of an MPDU During the Control Period
    3. Resale After the Applicable Control Period has Expired
    4. Resale of MPDUs that were First Purchased BEFORE March 20, 1989
    5. Check this Before You Refinance an MPDU
  5. For Developers and Builders

    1. The MPDU Process and Instructions for Developers and Builders
    2. Agreement Checklists for Developers and Builders
      1. MPDU Agreement to Build Developer Checklist
      2. MPDU Offering Agreement Sales Developer Checklist
      3. MPDU Offering Agreement Rental Developer Checklist
    3. MPDU Rents for New Development
    4. MPDU Forms (Agreement to BuildSale and Rental Forms
    5. Maryland National Capital Park & Planning Commission (The first step in the MPDU process)
    6. Site Plan Guidelines for Projects Containing MPDUs
  6. For Landlords and Leasing Agents

  7. For Appraisers, Lenders, Settlement Agents and Real Estate Agents

  8. MPDU Program Description

  9. History of the MPDU Program, Laws and Regulations