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Through the Code Compliance program, DPS seeks to protect the safety, health and welfare of Montgomery County citizens and businesses, sustain property values and the environment. The process begins: 

  • When DPS receives a complaint or observes a violation of enforced laws, codes and/or standards;
  • Continues by way of an investigation and inspection; and
  • Ends with an inspector issuing their findings to a property owner, contractor or other individual associated with the cause of the complaint or violation.
Complaints may be submitted anonymously, and the results of the investigation/inspection are posted on the DPS website. When violations are observed, DPS inspectors provide notice and give direction for correcting the issue. Serious violations and instances where compliance is not obtained in a timely fashion or in accordance with DPS direction may result in legal action, work being stopped or other appropriate measures being taken to ensure safety and conformance to the law.

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