image of Backyard Chicken

The Zoning Division receives many calls, email and service requests regarding the legality of raising chickens or fowl on residential property within Montgomery County.

Mobile coops are restricted by the zoning ordinance to be in the rear yard, 25 feet from a lot line and 100 feet from a dwelling on another lot.

Zoning information

  • Under Farming, the zoning ordinance definition of farming includes, “…the breeding, raising, managing, or selling…(of) poultry.”  Farming in residential zones is allowed on all agricultural and single-family zoned properties. The specific codes related to farming do not exclude or prohibit roosters. 
  • Under Urban Farming, “means the cultivation of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and ornamental plants, as well as the limited keeping and raising of fowl or bees and the practice of aquaculture.” Within the specific use standards of Urban Farming, roosters are prohibited under Urban Farming is allowed in the residential zones for townhomes and multifamily communities as well other non-residential zones. 
  • The zoning ordinance does regulate placement of chicken coops: In Montgomery County any accessory building or structure used for the housing, shelter, or sale of animals or fowl other than a household pet must be a minimum of 25' from a lot line and a minimum of 100' from a dwelling on another lot. The structure must be in the rear yard.
  • Be sure to check with Animal Control regarding regulations as it pertains to chickens.