Adult Mental Health Program

How to Apply

Call Access to Behavioral Health Services at 240-777-1770. The Adult Mental Health Program does not accept walk-ins or direct referrals. 

Documents To Bring

Photo identification, income verification and a copy of an award letter for public benefits if applicable

Eligibility Requirements

County residents age 18 and older with a  serious mental illness, who does not have private insurance, is low income, and who has not been able to find services elsewhere in the public mental health system.  

Fees and Payments

No private insurances are accepted. The program does accept Maryland Medical Assistance, PAC and Medicare. A sliding scale issued by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene is used to determine fees and clients are expected to present verification of their income in the form of pay stubs, bank statements, or tax returns. Letters of support from family members or shelters are accepted. Clients are not turned away due to inability to pay or their immigration status but are expected to represent their financial situation accurately. 


1. How are medications provided for those who do not have Medical Assistance or Medicare?   

Medications are made available through MedBank;  HHS Pharmacy and through the availability of sample medications.

2. Is service time limited? 

Services are based on the individual client’s need and the length of service is not pre-determined.

3. Does the program serve undocumented clients? 

Yes, the availability of services is not in  any way affected or determined by an individual’s immigration status.

4.  Are substance abuse services provided?

The Adult Mental Health Program is able to provide Level 1 (education and group counseling for clients with co-occurring disorders such as major depression and alcohol abuse). Clients with severe substance abuse or substance dependence are referred to the Access to Behavioral Health Services for assessment and appropriate referral.

5. Are bilingual staff available?  

Yes, there are bilingual therapists available with French, Spanish and Vietnamese language capability.  Language Line services are available for clients who speak other languages.

6. Do you work with children or adolescents?   

We work with individual adults, age 18 and up, but we also work with the families of clients.

7. Are case management services available?

Office-based case management services such as assisting with benefits applications, collaborating with other providers, and advocating for and coordinating delivery of medical services are available.

8. Does the Adult Mental Health Program provide housing or day treatment services?

No, we do not provide housing or day treatment services but we are able to assist in obtaining shelter placement, group housing when available.  In addition, we can coordinate and advocate on behalf of clients with other providers who offer these services. 

Additional Information

No additional Information at this time