COVID-19: What's Open? What's Not?

What's open? | What's Not? See below for the details

What's Open?

  • Car Washes - Open for external cleaning only with requirements
  • Childcare - Open for dependents of essential employees and Phase I opening employees 
  • Construction - Open with requirements 
  • Farms - Open; "pick your own" open with requirements 
  • Hospitals*
  • Hotels - Open with requirements
  • Manufacturing  - Open with requirements 
  • Outdoor Day Camps - Open for 10 or fewer participants with requirements 
  • Outdoor Youth Sports - Limited for low-contact sports with requirements 
  • Personal Services - Hair salons and barbers by appointment; 1 patron per 200 sq. ft. of service delivery space 
  • Restaurants - Limited to outdoor/patio seating 
  • Retail - Curbside only 
  • Ride On Service - Expanded schedule; expanded routes 

What's Not?

  • Community Pools (public & private)
  • Concerts & Theaters 
  • Gatherings (if not covered by another category) - Limited to 10 persons 
  • Gyms, Fitness Centers & Other Indoor Physical Activities 
  • Houses of Worship (Only virtual or drive-in permitted) 
  • Libraries 
  • Nightclubs 
  • Office Spaces - Closed for nonessential personnel; telework strongly encouraged where applicable 
  • Parks & Playgrounds - Parks open for personal fitness; playgrounds closed; only low-contact sports allowed 
  • Recreation Facilities 

* Physicians’ offices and other health care facilities, including hospitals, are available to care for your medical needs. Contact the local facility or office for more information.