Be “Salt Wise”

Spring is around the corner, and we had virtually no snow in the County this winter season. Just like we have periodic fire drills, we want to keep our memory muscles strong for winter weather preparation.

The Department of Environmental Protection wants us all to be “Salt Wise” when icy or snowy weather comes our way – whether it’s next week or next winter season. Being Salt Wise means using the right amount of salt to properly melt ice and snow and make the pavements safe for walking and driving. If you observe too much salt applied, please contact 311.

Road salt (sodium chloride) is a useful tool for keeping our roads and walkways safe. However, using salt to melt ice corrodes concrete and masonry, poses dangers for pets and wildlife, damages surrounding plants and lawns, and harms our local streams and rivers. As Montgomery County grows, salt levels have been steadily increasing in our waterways. According to WSSC Water, levels have risen 300% over the past 30 years. Once in our waterways, salt cannot be removed, and it has devastating impacts on the natural habitat, stream life and even our drinking water supply.

Did you know it only takes 1 tablespoon of salt to contaminate 5 gallons of water? By being “Salt Wise,” we are acting responsibly. The County and will be using the right amount of salt around the sidewalks and parking lots of County buildings to get the job done, ensure safety, and reduce damage to our environment. You can do your part too.

See below for more information about how we can all be “Salt Wise.”

Remember to be Salt Wise Infographic