Division of Support Services

Charles Bailey

Division Chief
Office: (240) 777-2489
[email protected]


The vision of the Support Services Division is to enhance public safety and support quality of life through direct immersion in our worksites and workforce to deliver exceptional services and improve our resiliency to meet increased challenges.


The mission of the Support Services Division is to provide maximum level of support to field operations by promoting the efficient and effective utilization of our resources, to maintain and grow our infrastructure, including facilities, apparatus, equipment, communications systems, and information technology systems to support our mission.

Support the overall department goal to comprehensively plan for the future needs of the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service and its customers by addressing all aspects of MCFRS capabilities to deliver effective and efficient emergency and non-emergency services as well as capabilities to address the functional, developmental, wellness, and safety needs of the organization.

The Division of Support Services is responsible for:

Technology Services Section

The mission of MCFRS Technology Services is to provide customer-focused technology service and to implement the type of automation necessary to accomplish the department’s core mission. The Technology Services section is responsible for:

Information Technology

  • Upkeep of the enterprise computing platform
  • Enforcement of IT security requirements
  • IT training
  • Implementation of automation solutions
  • Providing data to management for data-based decision making

Technical Operations

Logistics Section

Fleet Support

  • Specifies, acquires, and disposes of fire and rescue apparatus and vehicles
  • Administers contracts for equipment and services
  • Acquires and disposes of tools, equipment, hose, and appliances, and maintains and repairs these items
  • Coordinates hose testing, third party inspections of ground ladders, preventative maintenance programs for hydraulic rescue tools and other equipment
  • Acquires and distributes parts and supplies to support Fleet Maintenance
  • Manages the fuel program for MCFRS facilities

Fleet Maintenance

  • Provides maintenance for all fire and rescue heavy apparatus
  • Maintains compliance with state and federal regulations pertaining to emissions, inspections and safe vehicle operations

Property & Supply

  • Maintains and distributes uniforms, apparel and protective clothing (firefighting PPE)

EMS Logistics

  • Acquires, distributes, and repairs medical PPE, supplies, equipment, and technology

SCBA and Meters

  • Acquires, maintains, repairs, and distributes Self Contained Breathing Apparatus and atmospheric monitoring equipment

Facilities Maintenance

  • Oversees and manages the maintenance and repair of fire and rescue stations and facilities

CIP Section

  • Provides input, management and coordination to the County Capital Improvement Program as it relates to new fire and rescue facilities