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Look Ahead - Week of August 12 to August 18, 2018

Executive Summary

The project continues to track for an April, 2020 substantial completion.


The contractor continues to progress with major concrete pours on garage Level P4 (lowermost level) and continues with elevated slab pours at Level P3 (see photo).

Garage Construction

Garage floors are numbered P4 (lowest level) through P0 (highest level)

Level P4

The contractor has one pour remaining to complete Level P4.  As you may recall, Level P4 was designed to be constructed in ten pours. Pour ten is currently planned for Monday, August 13, weather permitting. When completed, this will conclude P4 construction and the building foundation.

Level P3

Construction of Level P3, the first elevated floor, is well underway (see photo).  Level P3 will be constructed in six pours.  The first pour was completed on August 7 and the second pour on August 10.  The third pour is currently scheduled for Thursday, August 16.

Building Walls

Construction of the building walls will follow placement of the elevated slabs.

Numerous quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) inspections continue daily to ensure that the concrete, waterproofing, and reinforcing systems have met specified QA/QC requirements.  Rigorous inspections are conducted by third-party inspection firms, peer review experts, the contractor, and MCDOT, with oversight by the County’s Department of Permitting Services (DPS).  Quality is everyone’s business!

Pour No. 9 - Concrete Placement at P4

Pour No. 9
Concrete Placement at P4

Level P3 Elevated Slab - Pour No. 1 (middle-foreground)

Level P3 Elevated Slab
Pour No. 1 (middle-foreground)

Level P3 under construction

Level P3 under construction

Level P4 - Pour No. 10 (background)

Level P4
Pour No. 10 (background)

Utility Construction

Utility construction continues along Grandview Avenue as Pepco is installing a medium-sized concrete vault beneath the sidewalk opposite the Washington Professional Systems (WPS).

Installing the underground vault is the last of the Pepco work along Grandview Avenue apart from a temporary pole to be installed in front of the Mayer Building.  The pole will provide temporary power to the businesses to make way for removal of the overhead power lines along the east side of Grandview Avenue.

Pedestrian traffic was temporarily detoured to the east side of Grandview Avenue

Pedestrian traffic was temporarily detoured to the east side of Grandview Avenue

Follow Project Progress via the Project Camera

A camera has been installed to view construction on the site. Click here to access the camera.

Upcoming and Ongoing Activities:

  • Concrete placement for garage Level P4 will be completed on August 13
  • Garage Level P3 under construction (total of 6 pours)
  • Placing waterproofing in advance of wall construction
  • Wall pours
  • Column pours
  • Utility construction in Grandview Avenue
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