Board of Appeals - 2021 Opinions

Opinion Date Petitioner/s Case No.
1/20/21 Stanley Chen A-6672
2/3/21 Jo Anne Murray Levenson and Marc Levenson A-6678
2/3/21 William Goodman A-6679
3/17/21 Matthew Aumen A-6683
3/17/21 Alison and David Condon A-6684
3/31/21 Helen Stuart A-6682
4/7/21 Richard Dietrich III and Ginger H. Dietrich A-6681
4/14/21 Matthew Borkoski A-6686
4/14/21 Jacobo O. Serpas A-6687
4/16/21 Dan-My Chu A-6689
4/21/21 Bruce Caswell and Lauren Deichman A-6688
4/21/21 Gordon and Kathleen Li A-6690
4/28/21 Oyvind and Chu Dahle A-6691
4/28/21 Santosh Nanda and Anita Verma A-6692
4/28/21 William Chernicoff, Bruna Chernicoff, Ozan Koknar, Serpil Koknar A-6685
5/5/21 Tracy McCracken A-6696
5/5/21 Jason and Katherine Yanushonis A-6698
5/14/21 Cathy and Charles Faughnan A-6695
5/14/21 Omar and Mayra Amador A-6697
5/19/21 Petitioner A-6694
5/28/21 John and Karin Flynn A-6699
6/4/21 Thomas and Tia Huntley A-6701
6/11/21 Hugo and Marisa Diaz A-6700
6/11/21 Daniel Cuff A-6706
6/18/21 Amy Swift and Daniel Goldberg A-6704
6/23/21 Woodside Park Community Association, et al A-6702
6/23/21 Bethany and Karl Schreiber A-6705
7/30/21 Foundation For Advanced Education In The Sciences CBA-916-A [S-615]
7/30/21 Rochambeau, The French International School of Washington, DC S-862-C [S-862,-A, -B]
8/20/21 Sahel and Laila Dadras A-6708
9/15/21 Hassan Ashktorab and Farideh Chitsaz A-6707
9/22/21 Adrienne Arsht (The Adrienne Arsht Revocable Trust) A-6709
9/22/21 Peter Bachman and Sarah Lueck A-6711
9/29/21 John and Susannah Figura A-6713
10/1/21 Bobby Gonzalez and Jose Gonzalez A-6712
10/6/21 Kevin Chen A-6710
10/6/21 Daniel Hart and Monica Lee A-6703
10/20/21 Jeffrey and Kimberly Varos A-6716
10/20/21 Randi and Cary Leventhal A-6717
10/27/21 Scotland African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church A-6718
11/17/21 Johannes Staguhn, et al A-6714
11/19/21 Dr. Jonathan Hodor and Leah Greenspan A-6719
11/19/21 Mitchell Tropin A-6720
12/3/21 Heather Schmidt and Alex Menendez A-6721
12/3/21 Manav and Isha Patel A-6722
12/8/21 Melissa Kline A-6724
12/15/21 Victoria W. Pierce A-6723
12/17/21 Walter C. Jones A-6715
12/15/21 Robert Kirchiro A-6725
12/30/21 Carl and Janka Garrett A-6726