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The Annotated Code of Maryland, Estates and Trusts Article §15-102 covers the powers of a fiduciary (the guardianship of the property), and §13-708 defines the rights, duties and powers of guardian (the guardianship of the person).

Roles & Responsibilities

Please note: The Trust Office does not provide services about trusts in general.

The Trust Office administers reporting requirements and maintains case files for the following five types of active guardianship cases:

  1. Guardianships of the person of disabled persons
  2. Guardianships of the property of disabled persons
  3. Guardianships of the property of minors
  4. Guardianships of the person of minors (effective January 2016)
  5. Other fiduciary estates under the jurisdiction of the court

The specific functions handled by the Trust Office include:

  • Notifying the guardians and other fiduciaries about the reports and other documents required to be filed in accordance with the Maryland Rules and Order(s) of Court issued in each case;
  • Pursuing the court procedures involved for reports and other required documents that are past due to be filed;
  • Keeping the case files updated for new filings;
  • Examining the Annual Fiduciary Report (Fiduciary’s Account) that is required to be filed by guardians of the property and other fiduciaries; and
  • Preparing a Report of Trust to the Court, which sets forth matters to be called to the attention of the Court and includes a recommendation that either
    1. the Annual Fiduciary Report be accepted by the Court through an executed Order of Court or
    2. that the matter of the acceptance be scheduled for a hearing that the guardian is required to attend.

For questions about a specific trust, contact the trustee of that trust.

For assistance in creating a new trust, contact an attorney who works in this area.

For problem resolution within a trust sought through court proceedings, contact the Circuit Court’s Civil Department.

For information concerning the procedures required to be appointed a guardian, contact the Guardianship Case Manager with the Circuit Court’s Family Division Services.

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