Expungements, Sealings, and Record Checks

Expungement is the removal of records from public inspection.

Consult the Maryland Courts website for additional information and forms about expungement of adult criminal records and juvenile records.

At age 23, juvenile records are destroyed.

Watch the Maryland Judiciary Expungement Video. This video will give you an overview of the expungement process. It explains the types of cases eligible for expungement, when to file, and how to file. The video also notes that it is important to always keep copies of documents relating to the case, even after expungement.

Sealed Juvenile Cases

Upon the respondent turning age 21, the respondent’s juvenile case is automatically sealed. If there is a request that is made to seal the case prior to the respondent turning age 21, a written motion filed with the Juvenile Department is required. Upon filing the motion to seal the case, the judge presiding over the case will rule on the motion and will issue an order to all parties.

Juvenile Record Checks

If a parent or a respondent is requesting a record check, the request itself must be put in writing. The person requesting the record check must provide a reason for the record check within the written request itself, along with a valid photo ID and a fully completed release form (provided by the Juvenile Department). There is no fee for the request for a records check.

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