Airpark Liaison Committee


Naeem Mia
Legislative Analyst
Montgomery County Council


The Montgomery County Airpark Liaison Committee is established solely to provide a forum for communication between interested groups and individuals concerned with the operations of the Montgomery County Airpark. (The Airpark is managed by the Montgomery County Revenue Authority. The Revenue Authority’s web site includes information on the Airpark and a process to submit noise or safety complaints.)  

The Committee is responsible to meet at the determination of the Chair, but in no event less than once a year.

The Committee consists of 18 members, including a Chair. All members and the Chair will be appointed by the Montgomery County Council.  The membership includes:

  • Residential Neighborhood Representatives - seven representatives of residents, two from Montgomery Village East and five from other neighborhoods surrounding the Airpark;
  • Upcounty Citizens Advisory Board - one representative;
  • Montgomery County Revenue Authority-  two, including the designated Airpark Manager;
  • Montgomery County Executive- one representative;
  • Montgomery County Council one representative;
  • Montgomery County Planning Department - one representative;
  • Airpark lease holder- one representative;
  • Airpark users - two representatives;
  • Businesses - two representatives- one from inside the Airpark; one from outside the Airpark.


The Montgomery County Airpark was first established on December 10, 1959 by special exception granted by the Montgomery County Board of Appeals.  The Montgomery County Airpark Liaison Committee was first established by Resolution No. 11-1826 on January 23, 1990 for the purpose of increased communication between the community, the County, Airpark users, and the Airpark operator.  The Committee existed under that resolution for a period of 18 months and was extended by subsequent resolutions until July 1, 2016.  It was then re-established in 2017 by Resolution Number 18-838.