Data Dashboard

Montgomery County Government is committed to the health and safety of all of our residents and to relying on science and data to make decisions regarding the three phases of reopening of our County.

The County follows the guidance in the COVID-19 Local Order along with a variety of measures that must be considered in order to continue the reopening process in the safest and most appropriate manner while protecting public health.

On June 3, 2020, the public-facing Montgomery County COVID-19 Dashboard methodology for monitoring COVID-19 related metrics was altered to align closer with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Gating Criteria and Phase-specific Thresholds Guidance (PDF).

See our Dashboard Methodology for detailed metrics criteria and calculations.

See the State of Maryland Covid-19 Data Dashboard, including cases by ZIP code

Navigate the charts with the arrows in the COVID-19 Dashboard.

Additional information that will be considered per the COVID-19 Local Order

  • Making progress
  • Criteria met

Testing capacity to 5 percent of population on a monthly basis

  • Status: Making progress - Testing networks in place to offer high throughput testing
  • Status: Criteria met - Leverage health care network to provide testing to symptomatic and asymptomatic patients
  • Status: Criteria met - Accessible testing options available across County utilizing a diverse network of options, including health care providers, alternative test sites, mobile testing units, etc.

Test positivity

  • Status: Criteria met - Sustained flattening or decrease in test positivity

Contact tracing

  • Status: Criteria met - Continuing current efforts and partnering with State on state-driven, large-scale contact tracing effort that will allow for contacting cases within 24 hours upon receipt of results, and identified contacts within 48 hours

Prioritizing equity

  • Status: Making progress - Compiling and using data by race, gender, age, geographic location to inform policy decisions related to health outcomes
  • Status: Making progress - Ability to disseminate information, programming, and policies that address the impact of social determinants of health on COVID-19 outcomes