Concerts / Performances / Theaters


Performances include indoor and outdoor concerts, and live music in restaurants.

Live performers include DJs and buskers.

Theaters at which live performances occur or motion pictures are shown must remain closed to the general public.

Event type Status
Live performances without audiences Permitted for broadcast or streaming if the venue meets the General Operating Requirements with spacing between performers
Live performances with audiences

Prohibited by COVID-19 Local Order, with these exceptions:

Food service establishments, breweries, and wineries

Outdoor performances following these guidelines

Social gatherings

Phase 2 Outdoor Performance Reopening Guidelines

Only outdoor performances are permitted.

Performances must adhere to the 25-person gathering restriction. This includes the cast, crew, and staff. ( See cast, crew, and staff detail. )

  • Audience members must practice physical distancing by sitting at least six feet away from any individuals outside of their households.

Patrons must buy tickets in advance.

  • Tickets must be in electronic form.
  • As part of the ticketing process, at least one member of a ticketed group will be required to provide this information in case they need to be reached for contact tracing:
    • address
    • phone number
    • email address

All guests and theater staff must wear face coverings at all times. The venue must have additional face coverings available for free to all patrons.

The venue must sanitize all surfaces and common areas after each show, using CDC-approved disinfectants.

Temperature checks are required for staff prior to each day's performance(s). In addition to temperature checks, each staff member must be asked these questions prior to entry. If the answer to either of these questions is “yes” OR if the temperature check returns a temperature of 100.4 °F or greater, then the staff should not be permitted to work the event.

  • Are you suffering from any of the common symptoms of COVID-19 (coughing, difficulty breathing, loss of taste etc.)?
  • Have you had close personal contact with anybody known to have a positive COVID-19 diagnosis over the past two weeks?

Each performer must undergo a COVID-19 test prior to the run of the show.

After each performance, the ticket-purchasing patrons must be contacted electronically to request that they report COVID-19 symptoms from anyone in their party to the venue staff.

  • If the venue staff receives any such report or any report of COVID-19 (or COVID-19-like illness) among staff, crew or performers, they will immediately notify Montgomery County Disease Control at 240-777-1755.


These guidelines must be overseen by a designated COVID-19 Response Coordinator or Safety Officer.

Letter of Approval

The venue must submit a request for a Letter for Approval which includes

  • a seating chart that demonstrates the required physical distancing practices.
  • a plan to ensure the health and safety of the performers.

We recommend that any theater company follow the guidelines issued by SAG-AFTRA (PDF)

Cast, crew, and staff

For shows where there are physical barriers that separate performers (and some staff) from the general audience, venues may submit, as part of their Letter of Approval, a request that the cast/crew/performers be viewed as a distinct pool of participants (separate from the 25 audience).

This will require strict separation via infrastructure and process, but would allow for those separated cast and crew not to count against the audience allowance of 25 persons.

Any staff member (ticket taker, for example) that physically interacts with the audience would need to be included within their 25-person capacity limit.