Religious Facilities


“Religious Facilities” are defined in the  Executive Order as “churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, and other similar religious facilities of any faith in Montgomery County”.

Religious Facilities may open to the general public for indoor and outdoor services provided they comply with the General Operating Requirements, and these specific requirements:

  • 1 participant (or one household group) for every 200 sq ft of religious ceremony space.
  • absent a Letter of Approval from the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), the number of outdoor service participants shall not exceed 150 participants. Request a Letter of Approval.

Multiple services are allowed in various locations within the building when religious ceremony space requirements and General Operating Requirements are followed. If multiple services are held at the same time, individuals and household groups should be assigned a specific service location, and not move between different locations.

Religious ceremonies

Religious ceremonies, including weddings and funerals, that take take place inside or outside of a religious facility follow the requirements for religious facilities.

Non-religious ceremonies

Non-religious ceremonies, including weddings and funerals, or any such ceremony that does not take place at a religious facility are restricted to the 50-person maximum along with 1 person or household per 200 sq ft of gathering space. They follow the requirements for any indoor or outdoor gathering.

Other gatherings

Any other gatherings such as committee meetings, 12-step meetings, community gatherings, or outdoor events, are capped at a 50-person maximum, along with the 200 sq ft rule.

Questions and Answers for Religious Facilities

See questions and answers (PDF) for religious facilities.

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