Wheels Welcome 

Flash provides full accessibility for wheelchairs, persons with disabilities, strollers, bikes, and carts.

Wheelchairs should enter through the front door.

Bikes should be walked on through the backdoor, and can be easily secured on board the Flash.


  • Wheelchairs and scooters should enter through the door at the front of the bus. The driver can quickly deploy a bridge for a smooth entry. Every Flash bus has one traditional wheelchair securement area and one Quantum automatic securement system.
  • The Quantum automatic securement system allows passengers to safely secure themselves without the drivers help (unless requested).
  • Learn more about the Quantum system.
  • Watch a video on how to use the Quantum system.

Bikes on Board

Bring your bike inside the bus. Flash has the first onboard bike racks in the region. 

Using the Interlock system is quick and easy:

  • Dismount and roll your bike on board through the back door.
  • As you approach the rack, hold the bicycle handlebars with both hands.
  • Rotate the bicycle on its back tire so it stands vertically.
  • Stabilize the bicycle by resting the bicycle saddle on your thigh or waist.
  • Lift the front wheel onto the hook.
  • Lower the bicycle to clamp the front wheel into place.
  • Secure the rear wheel in the tray with the strap.
  • When it’s time to get off, wait until the Flash stops and unhook the rear wheel strap.
  • Raise the bike and lift the front wheel off the hook using your thigh against the seat to assist.
  • Proceed to disembark.

Watch this video to see how to bring your bike on board.

Strollers and Carts

Unfolded strollers and wheeled carts are welcome on all Flash buses. Every Flash station has level boarding, meaning there are no steps to get on off the bus. It’s never been easier to stroll on in.

Passenger on bus using Quantum securement system
Securing bike on Flash bus
Stroller, bike, scooter boarding the Flash bus