Risk Management

The Montgomery County Department of Finance, Division of Risk Management provides risk management programs and services to County departments and agencies, including Workers' Compensation, Automobile and General Liability claims processing, training and consulting in occupational safety and health, and consulting services for insurance and risk matters.

What is Risk Management?

Risk management is the process of identifying exposures that could lead to financial loss and formulating and implementing strategies to minimize their adverse effects on the organization’s mission.

The County chooses to self-fund most exposures to loss. Injuries to employees (workers’ compensation), automobile accidents and other liability exposures are examples of the types of exposures that are self-funded.

Property loss exposures are commercially insured above a large deductible.


The following are examples of the services provided to County agencies and departments:

  • Training in OSHA/MOSH compliance
  • Safety and accident prevention consulting services
  • Review all County contracts for contractor insurance compliance
  • Maintain a volunteer registration data base
  • Receive and process insurance claims filed against the County
  • Provide accident analysis information to departments
  • Conduct risk analysis of exposures to loss

For further questions or information regarding the Montgomery County Self Insurance Program (MCSIP), please go to our web site at www.mcsip.org.