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14935-B Southlawn Lane, Suite B205
Rockville, MD 20850
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Hours of Operation: Monday - Thursday, 0700-1530 hours
SCBA, Breathing Air Compressors, RIT Paks, SKA Paks, Cylinders and Facepieces
Tango-Ventis-MX6-PRD’s-HazMat Meters-Docking Station and Calibration Gas

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Fill out and attach repair tag to SCBA and send to Service Center via MCFRS courier.
We can replace the facepiece lens and other components. Total facepiece replacement which requires a Risk Map Report may be necessary when several components are damaged.
Bring your facepiece to the Service Center during normal business hours or attach repair tag and send via courier.
A RiskMAP Report number and Police Report is required before we can replace a lost facepiece. A RiskMAP Report number and is needed before a severely damaged facepiece can be replaced.
Facepieces are currently only issued to personnel having a minimum Fire 1 status in IECS and a current fit test. A Property Request is not needed to be issued a facepiece.

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About the SCBA and Meter Service Center

  • We maintain and complete annual functional flow testing for all MCFRS SCBA * 1,160 Units
  • Oversee Hydrostatic Testing of all SCBA Cylinders * 2,150 Cylinders
  • Maintain personal issue SCBA Facepieces * 2,100 Facepieces
  • Service Breathing Air Compressors to include Quarterly Air Quality Certification
    • 19 stationary BA compressors and 5 Mobile Air Units
  • Service and maintain over 350 various atmospheric monitoring meters
  • Monitor 64 Meter Docking Stations throughout stations and offices.

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MCFRS SCBA, Compressor and Meter Technicians are manufacturer Certified Repair Technicians
Manager R. Buddy Rodgers -