Human Rights Hall of Fame

About the Hall of Fame

In March 2001, the Montgomery County Office of Human Rights inducted the first 20 honorees into the Human Rights Hall of Fame. Since March 2002, the induction ceremony is held biennially. The inductees are honored for having made great personal sacrifices and contributions to human and civil rights in Montgomery County, either as trailblazers of the past or as current foot soldiers in the struggle. The Human Rights Hall of Fame mission is to recognize visionary leadership, outstanding achievement, and altruism on the road to eliminating discrimination, diminishing the effects of discrimination, and advancing human rights.

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria for Hall of Fame members, living or deceased, is exemplary leadership, lifetime or current high impact achievements and lasting impact on Montgomery County's human rights movement. Hall of Fame inductees, nominated by the community and recommended by a panel of current Hall of Fame members, may not include any current staff member of the Montgomery County Office of Human Rights.

Nomination Procedures

To nominate an individual for the Hall of Fame:

  • Download and complete the Nomination Form
  • Include a narrative (250-300 words) containing a concise overview supporting the nomination.
  • Provide supplemental information that will further demonstrate the contribution of the individual.
    If information is not in electronic form (letters of recommendation, newspaper articles, etc.) it can be mailed separately to the address provided below

When you have completed the Nomination Form, print and mail it to:

The Montgomery County Office of Human Rights
21 Maryland Avenue, Suite 330
Rockville, Maryland 20850

* Deadline for Nominations is November 10, 2022