Gender-Inclusive Single Occupancy Restrooms

In accordance with Montgomery County, Maryland Code Sec. 27-11B, a gender-inclusive public single-user restroom, existing or newly built, in a Montgomery County place of public accommodation or a County-owned building, must be:

  1. made available for use by individuals of any gender; and
  2. identified with gender-inclusive signage.

Helpful Information for Places of Public Accommodation

Gender-inclusive signage means a sign or display identifying a restroom that does not indicate a specific gender or contains descriptive language, such as “restroom”, “bathroom”, or “toilet”, or a picture or icon indicating the restroom’s availability for use by any individual regardless of gender or gender identity. A gender-inclusive signage may include a picture or icon of a toilet.

A place of public accommodation has its meaning stated in Montgomery County, Maryland Code Section 27-10.

Public single-user restroom means a single-occupancy restroom for public use with at least one toilet and an entry door that can be locked from the inside by the occupant. A public single-user restroom does not include a private restroom in a residence, hospital, inn, hotel, motel, or restrooms that are only accessible from a private room or office.

Non-Compliant Bathroom Complaints

If you would like to report a single occupancy public bathroom that is not gender neutral, then send a Tweet to #SafeBathRoomsMoCo with the business name and location or complete the brief form below.