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MCFRS News Release

For Immediate Release:
September 10, 2013

Release ID: 13-035
Contact: Scott Graham, Public Information Office
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Juvenile Detained in Explosive Device Incident

Montgomery County, MD  - - -  Montgomery County Fire’s Fire and Explosive Investigative Section and Montgomery County Police have announced that a juvenile male has been brought into custody after  allegedly detonating an explosive device in the front parking lot of the Montgomery County Public Safety Headquarters. 

At approximately 11 a.m., an explosion occurred at the Montgomery County Public Safety Headquarters in Darnestown, Maryland. Occupants of the headquarters building felt the windows rattle and white smoke was observed from the area where the device was detonated. A teenage male was observed in area at time of incident. He was detained and questioned. The juvenile denied involvement or knowledge of what caused the noise and produced the smoke.

Investigators reviewed security footage which identified the teenage suspect as the person who ignited an explosive device in front of the Public Safety Headquarters building.

Investigators have taken the juvenile subject in custody. The suspect will be charged with possession and manufacturing an explosive device. Montgomery County Fire’s Fire and Explosive Investigations Section, Montgomery County Police, Juvenile Services, and the State’s Attorney will formalize the charges.

The Public Safety Headquarters in Darnestown is the home to Montgomery County Fire, Police, Homeland Security, and components of the Department of Transportation. 



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