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Prevent Arson & Protect Your Property

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Religious Worship Centers

Arson is one of the leading causes of all commercial building fires. People associated with your place of worship can decrease the chances of arson by organizing and investing in a fire and crime prevention program. You and your organization can also take other measures to protect your facility from fire. Use this guide to learn more about risk reduction and fire prevention for your organization.

Why are Churches and Religious Organizations Particularly Vulnerable to Arson?

Most places of worship have predictable schedules. They also have multiple staff and volunteers in leadership positions that may often result in incon sistent security. Also, such facilities often become targets because of what they represent.

How Can You Help Reduce the Risk of Arson and vandalism?

Religious Worship centers Community Awareness:

The Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service will work with each and every community in an effort to prevent/deter persons from burning religious places of worship in our community.

Internal Security

External Security