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Sound Off Fire Safety Program 

Calling all teachers! 
It is always a great time to teach fire safety! As an educator, you work hard to help children and families prepare for a bright and challenging future. Teaching your students how to prevent fires and how to respond properly in a fire situation are skills your students will remember and practice throughout their lives. 

The Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service is proud to be part of the “Sound Off” family --- an educational program created for second and third grade students that can be taught year-round. Sound Off is a standards-aligned curriculum with everything you need to teach fire safety. The program focuses on three key areas: 
  • Safety Sounds: Learn to recognize different smoke alarm sounds and what to do for each. 
  • Find the dangers: Spot potential fire safety dangers in the home and correct them. 
  • House Fire Escape Map: Do you know two ways out of every room? Have you done a Home Fire Drill? Learn how to identify your escape route to get out fast.    
Ready to partner up, teach fire safety and save lives? Let’s get started! Send an email to Beth Anne Nesselt or put in a request via 311 to be connected with our team. We can't wait to hear from you!
Sound Off Program
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Safety Sounds

Safety Sounds - Spanish

Home Fire Dangers

Home Fire Dangers - Spanish

Home Fire Escape Map

Home Fire Escape Map - Spanish

Home Fire Drills

Home Fire Drills - Spanish




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