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The mission of the Office of Grants Management is to develop and support best practices for grants management throughout Montgomery County Government that are consistent with racial equity and social justice goals. In addition, the Office serves as a central point of contact regarding grants that the County receives or awards; provides technical assistance regarding grants management to Executive Branch departments and principal offices; and searches out and identifies Federal and State grant opportunities to Executive Branch departments and principal offices.
It comprises two teams: Incoming Grants and Outgoing Grants.

OGM comprises two teams: Incoming Grants and Outgoing Grants.

The Incoming Grants team team is committed to empowering Montgomery County Government's executive branch by leveraging federal, State, and private grants. Our mission is to strategically utilize these resources to supplement County tax dollars. By securing funding, we enable the expansion of both new and existing programs and services, ultimately enhancing the County's ability to serve its residents more effectively and efficiently without raising taxes.
The Outgoing Grants team fosters positive community impact through the administration of competitive grants programs and issuing grant agreements that align with County priorities and enrich the lives of County residents,. The Outgoing Grants team prioritizes the success of grant applicants and awardees by delivering guidance, applicant training resources, and thorough information on compliance requirements. Together, we strive to empower initiatives that drive meaningful change and enhance the well-being of our community.

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