Domestic Violence Safety Plan

*** In An Emergency Please Call 911 ***

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office
Domestic Violence Unit

50 Maryland Avenue
Rockville, MD 20850
Phone: 240-777-7016
FAX: 240-777-7146

The Sheriff’s Office serves and carries out orders of the court, including the primary responsibility for the service of peace orders and protection orders. The Sheriff’s Office staff is available to answer questions, explain procedures, or to refer someone to the proper agency on other matters of concern.

Montgomery County Police Department Emergency – 911
Non-Emergency – 301-279-8000
Domestic Violence Unit – 240-773-5050

The Montgomery County Police will respond to calls for emergency assistance, take reports, investigate crimes, respond to violations of a court order and a variety of other services.

States Attorney’s Office
50 Maryland Avenue
Rockville, MD 20850

The States Attorney’s Office prosecutes all criminal cases. They represent the state and speak for the victim of a crime during the prosecution and sentencing phases of court cases. They also have a dedicated unit assigned to handle prosecution of criminal cases involving Domestic Violence. If a defendant is confined to jail by a commissioner the state,s attorney will speak at the bond review held before a judge and can request certain conditions be placed on the defendant or request the defendant to be held.

Abused Persons Program 24 Hour Crisis Services – 240-777-4000

Service/Intake – 240-777-4195

Administrative Office – 240-777-4210

For Montgomery County Resident’s the Abused Person’s Program offers victims of abuse services such as emergency shelter, transitional housing, 24 hour telephone and walk in crisis counseling, case management, information and referral and other support services. Fees are based on a sliding scale and no one is denied to to a lack of funds.

City Police Departments offers similar services as that of the county police as well as a variety of community based services and programs for their citizens.

Chevy Chase Village Police – 301-654-7302
Gaithersburg City Police – 301-258-6400
Rockville City Police – 301-309-3100
Takoma Park City Police – 301-270-1100
**In An Emergency Please Call 911 **

City Victim Advocate Coordinators

Several cities also have Victim Advocates that assist city residents in locating services and to offer support and other services to victims of abuse.
Rockville City - 240-314-8917
Takoma Park City – 301-891-714

Montgomery County District Courts Filing for Ex-Parte and Peace Orders
Emergency Evaluation Petitions
Filing of violations and modifications of existing orders issued by the District Court

All matters are handled through the Civil Office, please call for filing hours.

Rockville District Court
191 East Jefferson St.
Rockville, MD 20850

Note: From 9am to 3pm Victim Assistance is available at this location.

Silver Spring District Court
8552 Second Ave.
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Interim Protective and Peace Orders are available after hours from a District Court Commissioner at:

Central Processing Unit
1307 Seven Locks Rd.
Rockville, MD
Available whenever the District Courts are closed.
Obtain forms directly from the Maryland Judiciary website

Montgomery County Circuit Court Filing for Ex-Parte Orders
Emergency Evaluation Petitions
Filing of violations and modifications of existing orders issued by the Circuit Court

All matters are handled through the Civil Office, please call for filing hours.

Circuit Court Family Office
50 Maryland Avenue, 3rd floor
Rockville, MD

Note: Victim Assistance and legal consultation available at this location.

District Court Commissioner
Central Processing Unit
1307 Seven Locks Road
Rockville, MD
301-610-7217 (24 Hours)

The District Court Commissioner can issue criminal charges against an individual based upon a citizens complaint. Commissioners also set the initial bond and conditions for release for individuals arrested by police. If you wish to file criminal charges or have concerns about a persons release following the initial arrest contact the commissioner's.Vine Service office.

VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday)


Toll Free

Gives victims access to inmate custody, court and release information and notification. Free 24 hour automated service. Victims may also register online at

Montgomery County Office of Child Support Enforcement
51 Monroe Street, 9th floor
Rockville, MD

A Judge may order emergency family maintenance upon issuing a Protective Order that will last for the duration of the order. To establish an order for child support, which generally remains in effect until the child reaches 18 years of age, contact the Office of Child Support Enforcement for more information.

State Services General Information – 1-800-332-6347

Spanish Information – 1-800-332-6347

Domestic Violence and Referral Services - 1-800-MDHELPS

Independence Card
Energy Assistance program
Child Support
Domestic Violence and Referral Services
Other available state services

For information on these services the state has set up toll free information lines - 1-800-(634-3577).

Self Help and Legal Information

For issues such as Domestic Violence, Family Law, benefits and other areas affecting low and moderate income families visit