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Facility Planning and Site Selection

The Department of General Services is responsible for the construction, maintenance and operation of County facilities, including County office buildings and warehouses, police and fire stations, libraries, recreation centers and any other facilities under the control of the Executive Branch of County government.

Before any planning for the facility can begin, a project must have County Council approval and the potential user of the facility must meet readiness criteria. The project must be included in the Capital Improvements Program. The next step is to create a Program of Requirements (POR), which is completed before any sites are considered. The POR outlines the specifications of the new facility, including the size and function of specific spaces, building systems and finishes, as well as adjacencies. This document is a collaboration between OPD, DGS’ Division of Building Design and Construction and the County department the facility is for. The final version of the POR must receive approval from the County’s Office of Management and Budget.

When the POR is approved, staff can begin researching potential sites for the facility. Site evaluation is the responsibility of the Office of Planning and Development. In administering the site evaluation process, OPD coordinates the interests of the user department, the applicable Regional Services Center Director, the Office of Management and Budget, the public and affected outside agencies.

OPD is currently working on:

Olney Town Commons

The Olney Master Plan calls for a public space in the town center area of Olney. OPD is in the early stages of facility planning for a town commons/civic space in Olney in conjunction with an architecture consultant and various community groups.

OPD held an Olney Town Commons Planning Forum at the Olney Library on Saturday, May 20, 2017 as part of Olney Days. This open, drop-in event offered the Olney community a chance to provide input to the County on the types of programming and events that they would like to see in a future outdoor Town Commons. Click here to view the presentation given at the Forum. We asked the community to respond to and rank different amenities; click here to view the amenity examples from the Forum. If you have any comments or would like to tell us which amenities are most important to you, please email us.

To learn more about this project and stay engaged throughout the planning process, click here for more information.


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