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Tree Maintenance

Arbor Day is April 29, 2016
Lets get out there and plants some trees!!!
  • Snow Map

    Montgomery County plants approximately 1800 trees per year to replace trees that have been removed from the public right-of-way.  Read more...

  • Montgomery County Street Sweeping

    Pruning a tree is removing specific branches to benefit the whole tree.Read more...

  • Montgomery County Pavement Management

    Trees are removed for a number of reasons including death of the tree, structural defect, declining health, etc. Read More ...

  • Stump Removal

    Stump removal consists of the mechanical grinding of the stump and those exposed roots radiating from the stump out to where the roots first enter the ground.  Read more...

Any tree growing in a street right-of-way is a county-owned tree.  Note that it is not always obvious where the street right-of-way ends and private property begins.  The line can be several feet into a front yard beyond the edge of the sidewalk or street.  The county is responsible for the health and maintenance of county-owned trees and the Department of Transportation is the agency in charge.  Permits are required to do anything that impacts a county-owned tree.

Request to Plant a Tree online

Request to Inspect, Remove, or Prune County Trees online

Department of Permitting Services info

Street Tree Protection Law 41-12


Youtube video of MCDOT at work!






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