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Walk Your Way Project Grant Resource Kit

Get inspiration for your project from other successful pedestrian safety campaigns.  Click on the photos to learn more about the specific campaigns.

Distribute Materials with a Pedestrian Safety Message
Create a Poster and/or Flyer
Add Curb Markers
Add Street Art
Innovative Safety Measures
Hold a Contest
Install a Temporary Exhibit
Hold an Event

Distribute Materials with a Pedestrian Safety Message

Pedestrian Safety T-Shirts from Ohio      Blair High School Safety Bracelets  Seattle Umbrella Ped Safety Initiative  Montgomery County Safety Reflectors


Create a poster and/or flyer

NYC Look Campaign Street Smart Tired Faces Campaign  Australia "Don't Tune Out" Campaign University of Minnesota Ped Safety Pavement is Hard Campaign  Delaware Campaign “Walk Smart. Arrive Alive”






Add Curb Markers

Montgomery Count Curb Markers   George Washington Curb MarkersHeadsUp in Parking Lots Logo

Add Street Art

New Zealand "Don't Step Into Danger"  New Zealand "Don't Step Into Danger"

University of Minnesota “Safety is easy. The Pavement is Hard.”   NYC "Look" Ped Safety

  Portugal Campaign Memorialize collision victims’ names in crosswalk

Innovative Safety Measures

Tampa Bay "Walk Wise" Campaign  Tampa Bay's Street Wise Campaign

Hold A Contest

Blair High School "Hey You, I'm Looking at You!" Best Eyes and Texting Contest  Miami, FL Pledge Rally Contest  Miami, FL PSA Contest



Install a Temporary Exhibit

Chicago, IL “Be Alert. Be Safe. We’re All Pedestrians”  Chicago, IL “Be Alert. Be Safe. We’re All Pedestrians”

University of Colorado, "Dangerous, Irresponsible, Reckless and Careless"  University of Colorado, "Dangerous, Irresponsible, Reckless and Careless"

Hold An Event

Bladensburg, MD “Walkers Wear White at Night” Rally  






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