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Inmate Mail/Correspondence

  • Inmates may send and receive unlimited amounts of mail on a daily basis.
  • All mail received must have a return address or it will be returned to the post office. All received mail will be opened and inspected for contraband (items not allowed to be received while confined at the Correctional Facility). 
  • Mail containing contraband may be returned to the sender or in case of contraband that may be considered a violation of Maryland law, may be turned over to the Montgomery County Police Department for disposition.  Examples of contraband include:  postage stamps, photographs depicting pornography, cash, clothing, etc.
  • Please make sure the inmate’s name is clearly indicated on the envelope/package.

Policy Change Inmate Mail/Correspondence

In a constant effort to provide a safe and secure facility, the Montgomery County Department of Correction and Rehabilitation has implemented the following policy change. 
  • Effective November 1, 2017 the Montgomery County Department of Correction and Rehabilitation will no longer accept incoming mail that is received in colored envelopes. We will only process and deliver mail that is received in a plain white envelope. All inmate mail received after November 1 in anything but a white envelope will be returned to sender.
​En el constante esfuerzo para proveer una facilidad segura y saludable, la Correccional del Condado de Montgomery, el Departamento de Corrección y Rehabilitación ha implementado el siguiente cambio en su política.  
  • Efectivo el 1 de noviembre de 2017 el Departamento de Corrección y Rehabilitación del Condado de Montgomery no aceptará correo para los reclusos que sean recibidos en sobres de colores. Solamente se procesará y distribuirá correo que sea recibido en sobres blancos.  

Mail sent to inmates must be mailed to one of the following addresses

Services Information

  • Inmates have the opportunity to purchase from the commissary stamped envelopes and other writing materials. When inmates are without funds, they may order a limited number of stamped envelopes and other writing materials from the Kiosk/Canteen.
  • Effective February 1, 2011 all publications in the form of books will no longer be accepted.  The facility will continue to accept magazines.  The only exceptions to this rule will be publications covered under the Consular Notification Act, religious publications (Bible, Koran, etc.) that cannot be obtained from the Chaplain, and validated educational material related to correspondence courses/long distance learning. 
  • If an inmate is no longer within one of our facilities, all mail will be returned to the sender.
  • Inmates cannot receive e-mail communication. 
  • It is extremely rare that we would pass a message on to one of our inmates.  It is the inmate’s responsibility to keep in contact with family and friends.

Major emergencies, may be called in to the facility at 240-773-9700 (Montgomery County Correctional Facility) or 240-777-9810 (Montgomery County Detention Center)

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