Disclosed Data & Reports

About Reporting and Disclosure

The Benchmarking Law requires the County to make reported benchmarking information readily available to the public. The first year's data of each reporting group will not be disclosed. Disclosure will begin the 2nd year of each building group's reporting.

DEP requests information to fulfill the Benchmarking Law’s reporting requirements and provide helpful information to guide benchmarking and energy efficiency programs and policy planning.

Compliance Status

Unsure if your building is in compliance this year or what data issues still need to be fixed for your "pending revisions" status? You may find details about the benchmarking status and any unresolved issues for the buildings you have claimed in the Montgomery County Building Energy Benchmarking Reporting Portal

For public access to reporting status, the Benchmarking Compliance Status Report (Google Sheet) shows a list of covered buildings. The report has three tabs, one showing buildings that are in compliance, one not yet reported, and the other showing buildings with data flags that are "pending revisions." This report is updated weekly.

Disclosed Data

disclosed data
All Covered Buildings

As transparency is a key feature of energy benchmarking, DEP discloses select benchmarking data from all covered buildings following the first year that they are reported.

Annual Reports

Annual Reports
Annual Report

DEP also creates an annual benchmarking report by October 1 of each year to highlight compliance and benchmarking trends.