Energy Resource Hub

Many other resources are available for commercial and multifamily building owners and managers to explore energy efficiency, decarbonization, and renewable energy at their properties.


Energy Efficiency Improvements

Energy efficiency means using less energy to get the same job done – and in the process, cutting energy bills and reducing pollution. Energy efficiency and conservation are the easiest and most cost-effective ways to reduce utility costs in commercial buildings.


The terms “building electrification” and “building decarbonization” describe shifting to use electricity rather than fossil fuels for heating, hot water heating, and cooking. Heat pumps, which simply move heat from one place to another rather than generating heat on their own, are much more efficient than the equipment they replace and can also provide benefits to indoor air quality. As the electricity grid adds more renewable energy generation, all buildings and systems connected to it benefit from lower carbon emissions.

Vehicle Fleet Electrification

Just like buildings, electric vehicles move away from internal combustion engines and connect vehicles to a cleaning electric grid. Businesses can explore opportunities for Zero-Emission Vehicles for Business Fleets.

Renewable Energy

Once your building is operating as efficiently as possible, renewable energy can further reduce the amount of electricity you need to purchase from the grid while producing energy with no emissions. Whether adding solar to the building or purchasing renewable energy, commercial buildings can take advantage of renewable energy and the many benefits it conveys.