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Every commercial building or tenancy is required to have an FCC permit from DPS. This allows us to ensure that the building is compliant with applicable codes and standards which provide for life safety and help prevent instances of fire and/or loss of life.

FCC permits now include all agency required permits and related inspections including, but not limited to, child care, group homes, and private education institutions. FCC permit holders will be notified by DPS to renew their permit on an annual basis. The annual testing of all fire protection systems are conditions of approval of the FCC permit. Each fire protection system will have a separate endorsement with an associated fee. DPS will review the FCC Permit and any required inspection, testing, and maintenance documentation. Documentation is required for active and passive fire protection systems or processes, including, but not limited to, automatic sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, smoke control systems, fire-rated assemblies, and private fire hydrants. It is the owner’s responsibility to maintain these systems and renew the FCC permit on an annual basis. The FCC permit will not be renewed unless all documentation is provided and demonstrates no system deficiencies. To renew your existing FCC permit, or apply for a new one, please see the steps below. To find your FCC permit number, please return to the DPS homepage and use the Data Search feature to search by address.
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