What are eServices

eServices is a suite of online tools that affords customers the opportunity to use some of our services and programs online. Customers may apply and pay for permits, submit information for review, schedule inspections, obtain property information, submit complaints and check the status of permits electronically. Most electronic services do not require use of a log in account. The exceptions are the ability to apply for permits and to receive electronic plan review. Please note that DPS mandated the use of electronic application and plan submission for several permits.

eServices Virtual Training

DPS conducts eServices training virtually using Microsoft Teams for those interested. The training is tailored to the requestors needs as much as possible. Please email Aaron Smith at [email protected] to register for the class. Please contact Aaron Smith at 240.994.0335 should you have additional questions, need assistance with our eServices or help with registration.
Visit the eServices Training webpage for more information.