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Health Insurance Retirement Planning

Whether you are looking to retire soon or are just starting to think about it, you can prepare now by reviewing the information below and attending retirement health insurance classes offered by the Office of Human Resources (OHR). Classes are offered monthly and held virtually using Microsoft Teams. Register for an upcoming class listed on the  2024 Health Insurance Retirement Class Schedule.

Important: If you are getting ready to retire in the next six months, it is critical that you plan ahead to make the transition to retiree health insurance as smooth as possible. To ensure you have enough time to obtain Medicare Parts A and B (if eligible), it is necessary to apply for the County’s retiree health insurance by attending the class, Enrolling in Health Insurance Benefits at Retirement, at least 60 days in advance of your planned retirement date.

Example: Let's say you want to retire on February 1, 2024. To apply for retiree health insurance, you should register for and attend the December 6, 2023 class, Enrolling in Health Insurance Benefits at Retirement. Be sure to enroll by the class registration deadline, which is typically two weeks before the class date.

Class Schedules and Registration Instructions

Members of the Montgomery County Employees’ Retirement System (ERS), Retirement Savings Plan (RSP), Guaranteed Retirement Income Plan (GRIP), and MD State Retirement Plan are welcome to attend OHR’s health insurance retirement classes. Two types of classes are offered, and are outlined in the class schedule below: 
To help you see which class is best for you, here is a sneak preview of each presentation:
Tip: Prepare in advance for your virtual class. If you need assistance with downloading Microsoft Teams on your mobile phone, mobile device, or computer, please contact the Help Desk at (240) 777-2828.



Tip: Be sure to review the rate sheet that corresponds to your cost share. Your cost share is how much you will pay of the premium; the County pays the rest.