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2016 Zoning Text Amendments (ZTA’s) and Subdivision Regulation Amendments (SRA’s)

Resolution No. Title Adopted
ZTA-16-21 Exemptions - Public Historic Buildings Enacted - Ord. No. 18-23
ZTA-16-20 Overlay Zone - Bethesda Enacted - Ord. No. 18-28
ZTA-16-19 Gross Floor Area- Mechanical Equipment Enacted - Ord. No. 18-27
ZTA-16-18 Sandy Spring/Ashton Rural Village Overlay Zone - Standards Enacted - Ord. No. 18-26
ZTA-16-17 Height Encroachments - Townhouses Introduced
ZTA-16-16 Conditional Use Decisions Enacted - Ord. No. 18-25
ZTA-16-15 Facility for Senior and Disabled - Standards Enacted - Ord. No. 18-24
ZTA-16-14 Special Exception - Amendments Enacted - Ord. No. 18-22
ZTA-16-13 Conditional Use - Screening Enacted - Ord. No. 18-15
ZTA-16-12 Building Permits - Amendments Enacted - Ord. No. 18-20
ZTA-16-11 Rural and Residential Zones - Road Setbacks Introduced
ZTA-16-10 Transferable Development Rights Overlay Zone - Optional Method Standards Enacted - Ord. No. 18-21
ZTA-16-09 Commercial/ Residential Zones - Location Signs Enacted - Ord. No. 18-18
ZTA-16-08 Commercial/Residential “T” Zones - Workforce Housing Enacted - Ord. No. 18-17
ZTA-16-07 Exemptions - Pre-1958 Lots Enacted - Ord. No. 18-16
ZTA-16-06 Prohibited Signs - Public Rights of Way         Introduced
ZTA-16-05 Telecommunications Towers - Limited Use Introduced
ZTA-16-04 Agricultural Reserve (AR) Zone - Transitory Uses Enacted - Ord. No. 18-14
ZTA-16-03 Land Use - Bed and Breakfast Introduced
ZTA-16-02 Agricultural Zone – Transfer of Development Rights Requirements Introduced
ZTA-16-01 Ripley/Silver Spring South Overlay Zone –Standards Introduced
SRA-16-01 Subdivision Regulations Rewrite Enacted - Ord. No. 18-19
Zoning Text Amendments

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