How to Apply

Myth: Applying online is complicated.

Fact: Training and online videos are available on the DPS website to make things easier.

DFL Tax Application Process

Application Stage


Step 1

Property owner reviews all the applicable laws and information.

See DFL Permitting Information

Apply Online

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Step 2

Property owner goes online to  eServices to apply for a Residential or Commercial Building Permit and upload ePlans. (FASTER)  Note: Make sure to check the DFL application check box while applying online.


Property owner submits two (2) paper documents to start the application process:

Here are some resources to help get the process started.

How to Apply Online for Permits Videos - Coming Soon! 

Applicant User Guide

Permit Stage

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Step 3

Building permit is issued and construction begins.

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Step 4

Construction ends and final inspection is completed. (Don’t forget the FINAL inspection!)

Tax Credit Stage

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Step 5

Property owner submits Application for Design for Life Tax Credits along with supporting documents to DPS.

Paper documents

Step 6

DPS confirms receipt of application and notifies property owner when the application has been approved and forwarded to Department of Finance for the credit assessment.


Step 7

Montgomery County Department of Finance REVIEWS application documents to assess the appropriate tax credit amount. Department of Finance notifies the applicant when your tax credit has been received for review. Property owner will see the tax credit listed as a line item on the next property tax bill.