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4 Ways You Benefit from Designing Professional Homes

Myth: A no-step entrance works only on a flat lot.

Fact: Achieving a no-step entrance is often easier on a steep lot.

The Design for Life (DFL) Tax Incentive Program provides homeowners tax incentives and DFL Program Certification for builders who construct homes that meet Level I (VISITable) and Level II (LIVEable) standards for people with accessibility needs.

Note: Nothing in these requirements prevents the use of designs, products, or technologies, such as an elevator or a lift, provided they result in substantially equivalent or greater accessibility and usability.
For further details, see  DFL Technical Guidelines (PDF), p 11-12

Project Certification

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Silver Certification


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What is required?

  • Applications require a Building Permit-Supplemental Design for Life Application (PDF) to be submitted WITH your Residential or Commercial Building Permit application.
  • A separate School Impact Tax Credit Certification Agreement is required for builders or developers applying for the School Impact Tax for School Improvements tax credit for new residential buildings.  Sign me up! (PDF)
  • After final building inspection, be sure to submit the Design for Life — Application for Tax Credit (PDF) to receive your property tax credit.
  • For existing homes that already have accessibility features, please apply for an Alteration Permit. We will charge a building permit fee, review applications and perform final approval inspection. Qualified projects will be eligible for certificates as appropriate. Please make sure to indicate on the application the specific accessibility features that your design includes, and include the required plans.